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29 - 06 - 2020


Ghesquière has commissioned book covers and film posters and created LV looks for the performers to wear in them. Photographer Collier Schorr shot the images and a team of four international artists created the accompanying illustrations, with results that look intentionally—and quite satisfyingly—retro and lo-fi.


27 - 06 - 2020

BACK_UP / Museo Nivola

Museo Nivola is a non-collecting institution by statute. However, we believe that artists, a fundamental part of our communities, need our support right now. Mostly self-employed, the artists are facing hardships and uncertainty. Especially in the peripheral context of Sardinia, the current situation threatens to wipe out an entire generation of artists and cultural workers.

For this reason, Museo Nivola is starting a backing plan to support the young local artists, launching a selection process to acquire their works. The artworks will be exhibited in the museum at the end of the emergency and auctioned to raise funds for charitable organizations involved in the recovery process.


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27 - 06 - 2020


Paolo Pibi was born in Marrubbiu in 1987. In the sardinian municipality which has just over 4,000 souls, he approaches art and painting. About this medium, he appreciates the usefulness of being able to express himself. But to involve the artist, who then moved to Milan, are (also) other worlds, such as music and cinema. And like a composer or director, he asks himself questions about the method, rather than about experimenting, an act which, according to him, we talk too much in the artistic environment. It is time to go further and create a new meaning of painting.


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